Tutor hourly rate / 1時間当たりの料金

日本語教育・Japanese Class

Price / 料金

  Private 1 hour lesson / 1時間1対1
Face to Face lesson / 対面 1,000 yen in my place (Shin Osaka), 1500 yen in coffee shop.
Online / オンライン 900 yen

First trial lesson / 初回体験料金→ 500 yen

Location / 場所 

①My place / 自宅 

I will let you know the exact location after a lesson is booked. 

It is 600 m from Osaka Metro Shin-Osaka station Exit 4.

(Near from Hotel and rooms Shin-Osaka)


(Hotel and rooms Shin-Osakaというホテルの近所です。)

②Coffee shop etc.  / カフェなど

Any place around Shin-Osaka, Nishinakajima, Higashimikuni